Tech and Data Privacy Toolkit

Education tech, data privacy and your student

Just as technology has increasingly saturated our modern lives, so too has it begun to fill our schools. While this change presents promising opportunities, it also creates new and unprecedented challenges, from pedagogical concerns about the quality of online learning to the long-term implications of creating a digital footprint in childhood.

What can I do to protect my child's data?

There is a lot you can do, from smaller steps like opting out of the school release of directory information on an annual basis to more long-term solutions like pushing for stronger legislation.   

Where can I learn more in order to advocate for better protections of student data?

What's happening in CPS that I should know about? 


Data breaches

CPS has had six major data breaches since May 2015:

If your child's data has been breached in CPS and their student ID number has been exposed, they have a right to be issued a new student ID number. Students involved in the June 2018 breach should have already received a new ID; sent home via a print-out. Contact us if you have questions, and we will try to point you to the right resource: [email protected]

Expansion of "personalized" learning

In fall of 2016 CPS set up a new centralized Department of Personalized Learning. In May 2018, CPS announced a $14 million grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) to CPS and LEAP Innovations to support implementation of personalized learning programs. CZI is the developer for the Summit personalized learning platform software. There has been pushback against the use of Summit from parents and students across the country. CPS schools started using Summit PLP in 2016.

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Opting Out of Directory Information