LSC Election 2020 Community Feedback & Recommendations

Prepared by Raise Your Hand for Illinois Public Education & Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights This report was presented to the CPS Board of Education and CPS Central Office staff at the monthly meeting of the BOE on December 16, 2020.  Continue reading

Parent Survey Results: CPS Remote Learning & Back to School Plan Recommendations

You can read the full report, Parent Perspectives on CPS Remote Learning and Back to School, here. Continue reading

Reimagining Public Safety in Schools

  CPS-CPD Resource Guide Resources on Chicago Public Schools-Chicago Police Department School Resource Officers (SROs), including videos, news articles, executive-level actions, consent decree, and youth-lead actions. View our CPS-CPD Resource Guide here. Continue reading

Resources from Schools as Anchors: Communities Planning for Their Schools, July 2019

Blocks Together and RYH hosted a 1 1/2 day event on Friday, July 12, and Saturday, July 13. We learned more about best practices in planning for school facilities and programming from local experts and from national expert Mary Filardo, Executive Director of the 21st Century School Fund. Below are the resources shared during the event and many more.  We are grateful to Crossroads Fund who supported this event! We also want to thank Alexios Rosario-Moore for all his work organizing the agenda, materials, and workshops! Original blog post from this event contains the same information as this web page.  Continue reading

A White Paper on CPS' Extended Day Proposal: The Best Education, or Just the Longest? April 2012

Released on April 9, 2012, you can find our blog post about this White Paper here.  Continue reading

Improving Nursing Care in Chicago Public Schools: Creative and Meaningful Solutions Left on the Table

This RYH research report and summary of several meetings with CPS, entitled Improving Nursing Care in Chicago Public Schools: Creative and Meaningful Solutions Left on the Table, was delivered to CPS at the February 2019 monthly meeting of the CPS Board of Education. You can find the full report here- it is downloadable, printable, and contains links to resources.   Continue reading

High School Application and Placement for Chicago Public School Students with Disabilities: A Research Report from RYH

An education consultant, Lara Pruitt, whose children recently graduated from CPS, noticed the tremendous amount of concern, frustration and anger expressed by CPS parents about the lack of information and support provided to parents of students with disabilities on the critical transition to high school. She reached out to RYH in September 2018 to ask if we might form a volunteer group to research the issue and unearth current problems as well as potential solutions.   RYH assembled a task force including a number of CPS parents with children who have disabilities and education researcher Dr. Federico Waitoller, associate professor of special education at UIC. This report was delivered to CPS at the January 2019 monthly meeting of the CPS Board of Education. (Our statements to the BOE are here.) Continue reading

Budget Cut Impacts 2016

The below infographic was published by RYH in May 2016. It reflects the reality of budget cuts at our schools. Continue reading

Spreading Resources Too Thin 2014

Infographic on school expansion showing CPS opened 21,281 new seats from Fall 2012 - Fall 2014. This was shared with the unelected BOE in July 2014. Printable version of Infographic here. Continue reading

Guide to Talking About High-Quality Education

In 2013, RYH parents embarked on an ambitious research project studying what education experts say is important for schools and school systems to be successful. In 2014, we summarized our findings in a handy parent guide, A Guide to Talking About High-Quality Education: What do all kids need for strong schools? When the guide was released, we hosted a Saturday morning event where Pasi Sahlberg, author of Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland, addressed parents, teachers and community members in Chicago. Continue reading